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We are now in the final days of the consultation asking local residents how they think the tax the Council receives from residential and office development in the area should be spent in order to strengthen communities, tackle inequality, and provide opportunities for local people.  

CLIP engagement day where Lambeth Council invited community leaders and stakeholders to talk about CLIP


Prince’s and Oval Councillors have been knocking on doors throughout the week and every Saturday and Sunday during the consultation, speaking to people about their spending priorities for Kennington and Vauxhall. We have also been speaking about the CLIP at local primary and secondary schools, parents’ coffee mornings, local Tenant and Resident Association meetings, our advice surgeries, local community meetings, GP practices and patient liaison groups. We have captured a huge range of views and ideas - almost 1,000 responses so far. If you have not yet completed the survey, please make sure you do so here by Friday 24th February.

Cllr Claire Holland speaking with Archbishop Tennyson school council reps

We’ve door-knocked every single housing estate in our two wards, in order to make sure that harder-to-reach residents also have their voice heard. We’ve also leafleted almost every street in the area. If you have not yet heard from us, and would like to know more about the CLIP, please get in touch.

Prince's Councillors out talking to Vauxhall 5 estate residents with local Labour party volunteers

Ideas can be big or small. Suggestions could be simple ‘physical’ things like cycle racks, a street gym, or a planting box. Perhaps it could be suggesting an area which attracts crime or flytipping, and you have some ideas about how it could be redesigned to tackle this. Some residents have nominated, for example, redesigning the public space outside the parade of shops on Vauxhall Street. For some ideas about how we can make our streets healthier and more attractive and inviting for all, please read here

One possible proposal for improving Tyers St put forward by TRA for Vauxhall Gardens Esate

It could be that you have an idea about a project your TRA or local community group would like to be involved in, such as setting up a community gardening group, or you would like help putting on more things to do for children in half term or activities for older people. Perhaps you know of a community hall which you don’t feel is being utilised enough for the benefit of the community? Some residents have suggested Pedlars Acre Hall, for example, and telling us stories of how tea dances used to take place there.

Cllr Joanne Simpson at Kennington's Bright Education, meeting children at risk of being excluded from school but who are now receiving mentoring and support

Suggestions can also be revenue-based, albeit the nature of the funding pot means that these projects must be time-limited, or match-funded. An example is a community youth worker for three years, or language classes, or perhaps a parents’ support network for new parents in the area who don’t know anyone or what support is out there? Unfortunately by law, money from CLIP cannot be spent on replacing Council services that have been cut, such as street cleaning, or on replenishing our Council housing stock.

Some people have suggested a work experience co-ordinator for local young people who are unsure what they want to do once they leave school. We have made a big effort to talk to as many young people as possible during this process, for they are our area’s future and yet often do not participate in ‘official’ consultations such as this. We are conscious as Councillors that we live in an area where significant wealth and privilege co-exists with extreme poverty and disadvantage. Lots of our children get great opportunities through their families’ networks and social capital. Lots of others less so. Kids living on our estates don’t always have the same opportunities: their Dad doesn’t know someone who works in an architects’ firm, homework isn’t a priority in the evening because they’re caring for younger siblings when Mum’s at work with one of her two jobs. Speak to these young people, though, and they do have ambition and interests and dreams. Loud and clear they are telling us that they would like to see from the CLIP a youth hub which is designed by them where they can go get advice on post-school options, how to access apprenticeships, update their CVS, set up their own business, take part in taster sessions of different trades. Do you have a young person in your family or know someone in the area? Please encourage them to tell us what they want from the CLIP by completing the survey Young Lambeth Coop has devised.

Cllrs hearing from Young Lambeth Coop representatives how to engage with young people

And remember, please share the CLIP survey with all of your friends, colleagues, neighbours and family in the area. We look forward to receiving as many views as possible during this final week of the consultation.


Cllr Jack Hopkins, Cllr Claire Holland and Cllr Jane Edbrooke

Oval ward

Cllr Joanne Simpson, Cllr David Amos and Cllr Vaila McClure

Prince's ward


We are now in the final days of the consultation asking local residents how they think the tax the Council receives from residential and office development in the area should be spent...

unnamed.jpgTalking to ‘Dolly’ (not her real name) last weekend in our quest for projects and programmes that will really help people in our area as part of Lambeth’s CLIP programme, it transpires that despite Dolly being a Metropolitan Housing Association resident she is not welcome at the sheltered accommodation club house run by Metropolitan on the same estate.

local_resident.jpgDolly is in her 80’s and has lived in Oval all of her life. She's spent decades of her life on the tenants and residents association, shes argued for her neighbours, raised her own children and others, been through the crackden problems on her estate in the early 90’s, she's seen it all.

Yet she lives on the same estate with the same housing association yet is not in the sheltered accommodation so apparently doesn't get access. As Councillors we can solve that but what about the older people who own their own houses or those who live in a different estate with a different social housing provider? These unnatural boundaries should not be a obstacle to living the good life.

So want Dolly suggests is that someone coordinate where older people can go to get together, without having to worry about whether she’ll be turned away because she's not a tenant of the right housing association. Dolly also wants to go to the theatre once a month but can't get there by herself and would like to go with some friends that she knows so she can talk about it afterwards. It feels only fair that she can get together with other people of her generation to share memories, have company and go to the theatre.

Another older lady from Barbados (not a British Caribbean, she's a proud Barbadian) said she'd love to teach youngsters how to cook so they can look after themselves more. Lots of young people, even those that manage to get to university, struggle to cook. The smells from Gloria's kitchen tell us that they are missing out.

We have a glut of community spaces in our area but not the people to make sure that the right activity is going on and that people know about it and can get there. Maybe CLIP could make sure that this happens, that older people know about it and can access it. And a trip to theatre in the afternoon in a borough with national cultural institutions is not out of reach of people who paid their taxes to make them survive. Well there's a priority we'd be rude to ignore.

If you have a proposal or a group who you think something needs to be done with then please fill in the consultation with your views – its not a referendum but the more suggestions means the more things that can be considered.

Let's coordinate activities for older people

Talking to ‘Dolly’ (not her real name) last weekend in our quest for projects and programmes that will really help people in our area as part of Lambeth’s CLIP programme,...

bonnington1.jpgThe extended controlled parking hours, brought in as a trial to see if it would reduce clubbers parking up on the residential streets, will now be made permanent after resident feedback.

As Councillors we first took up the issue around reviewing the Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) hours in the Bonnington Square area because of the large number of complaints from a wide variety of residents on the impact that ASB was having on their lives.

This is because clubbers park up on the residential street and return to their cars throughout the night and early hours – being noisy and turning on car stereos.  We also have issues with drug dealing and people taking drugs away from the busier streets.

We listened to residents stories, and feedback to initial proposals to extend the hours of the CPZ, and also their concerns around how the changes could impact residents having guests in the evenings and the impact on businesses in the area.  We therefore ended up with a good comromise of extending the CPZ 00.00 midnight to 8.30am (when the existing CPZ kicks in) – 7 days a week

The current experimental traffic order is fully enforceable having adequate signs/lines and remain in force till 3rd of March 2017. As local residents are aware, this order include Vauxhall Grove, Bonnington Square, Lawn Lane and Langley lane. Officers have reviewed the feedback and am pleased to inform you that there are no negative feedback from the statutory consultation. Officers have therefore instructed the traffic order maker to convert this order to a permanent order so we can make the permanent order on time before the expiry date. 

Extended hours for parking restrictions around Bonnington Square to be made permanent

The extended controlled parking hours, brought in as a trial to see if it would reduce clubbers parking up on the residential streets, will now be made permanent after resident...

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